Competition info for athletes

Welcome to the third edition of Täby Stavhoppsgala, a pole vault street event at
Täby torg. This competition is  organized by Täby IS together with Bauhausgalan.

Start lists

Start lists can be found on our website

Number bibs

The number bib can be collected at the end of the runway from 60-90 minutes before start and it is your ticket into the competition area. The number bib must be worn on the back throughout the competition. The advertising must not be folded!


Entrance for participants will be at the end of the runway. A collected number bib is the ticket into the area. audience will have to stay outside of the fence.

Changing rooms

There will be changing rooms open at the nearby athletics arena Tibblevallen if you need to change clothes for some reason.


Toilets can be found in the shopping mall next to the competition area. There are also toilets in the changing rooms at the athletics arena.


Can be done at the nearby athletics arena Tibblevallen before the competition starts.


Will be at the end of the runway 50 minutes before the competition starts. After calling there will be some time for warm-up jumps. At the planned starting time there will be presentation of all the competing participants.

Height progression

Men Elit: 5.03, 5.23, 5.38, 5.53, 5.63, 5.73, 5.83, 5.93, 6.00, +5cm
Women Elit: 3.73, 3.93, 4.03, 4.13, 4.23, 4.33, 4.43, +5cm
Men A: 4.63, 4.83, 4.93, 5.03, +5cm
Men B: 4.03, 4.23, 4.38, 4.53, +10cm
Women: 3.23, 3.43, 3.53, 3.63, 3.73,3.83, +5cm
Men/Women extra: 2.83, +10cm
P17: 3.43, 4.63, 3.78, 3.93, +10cm
P15: 2.63, +10cm
F15-F17: 2.63, +10cm
P/F14: 2.01, +10cm
P/F13: 1.73, +10cm
P/F12: 1.53, +10cm

In P/F12, 13 and 14 there is a straight application of the height progression, meaning the winner will keep to the height schedule. This is to promote equal terms for boys and girls, as the groups are mixed.


Will appear on the competition website

Price ceremony

Will be right after completed competition. In P/F15, P/F17 and Men/Women A-final, prize ceremony for top-3. In open classes P/F12-14, prize cermony for athletes who have set a new personal best.